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Sometimes there are some tasks in the Android OS that you need to go for unwanted steps. It is a hassle for many Android users. So people tend to use Shortcut creators on Android to overcome this problem. But what is the best shortcut creator on the market right now? It is the Menu Button Apk for Android. There are several other shortcut creator apps for Android but this one is the best you can use. It is totally available for free use and download. You can download this app on any Android device which has Android 4.0 or any other higher Android Version.

menu button apk

What is Menu Button Apk?

Basically, Menu Button Apk is a shortcut creator for Android. But among all other shortcut creators for android, this one is special due to the features of it. But why you want to create shortcuts? As mentioned earlier your shortcuts make it easier to attend any Android task. So Menu Button Apk can make easy your Android experience. The best thing about the app is you can create any shortcut that you like and modify them whenever you want. Managing shortcuts is very easy with this app. App gives a side menu to store shortcuts on the screen and use them whenever you want. You can customize the side menu as you like and also you can disable or enable it without uninstalling the app.

How to Download Menu Button Apk

Downloading this app is very easy. Just use the download link given in this site to get the apk file. One of the best things about this app is this one free. So the license of the app is freeware.

  1. To install the app on Android first you have to follow the download link and download the Menu Button Apk file to your device.
  2. After that, open the download apk file. But if your device does not allow third-party apps then you must allow unknown sources in the settings. Otherwise, you can’t do the installation of third-party apps.
  3. Then the next thing you should do is following the Apk installer instructions to install the app.
  4. After the installation, you can just open the app or you can go to your Android App Drawer and open it from there.

menu button apk screen shots

How to Use Menu Button Apk

Actually, Menu Button Apk is a very straightforward application. Any user can use this app without any prior knowledge of the app. When you open the app you can see the general settings of the app. You can decide what colors transparency, button sizes, and many things from there. You can do all the customizations of the sidebar. There are button settings on the other tab of the app. In there you can manage the shortcuts of the sidebar. You can create, modify, remove shortcuts from there. Also, you can change the icons for the buttons.


  • SideBar – This is the main function of the app. This gives the shortcuts for you. You can decide the placement of the sidebar on the screen. Or you can make it automatically reach the edge of the screen.
  • Can Use as a Home Button – If your Android home button is not working then you can use Menu Button Apk as a solution.
  • No Ads – No ads available on the app that makes you annoying.
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