It is hard to sideload apps and games when it comes to Android TV and Fire TVs. Because you can’t easily type what you want with TV remote. Browsing websites and search all over the internet for apps and games with web browser and TV remote may cause headache. It is impossible to type long download URLs on TV with remote download apk files.

Is there any solution for those issues? Applinked is the best option for sideloading apps to TV. No more, long URL typing. Just use simple set of digits to access user created app stores full of movies and TV shows app. No need to search new and trending movie apps. Just install this app store and access stores with Applinked codes.

Features of Applinked App

There are many features of this app. Below listed only few features that you may interested in.

Can create your own store

You can create your own list of apps, photos, videos, games, etc. Just create your free account with Applinked and create your store. You will receive a code for your store. Add files to your store and share with friends and family members. Create your app store with favorite list of movies and TV shows apps.

Free and trending movie apps

No need to search forums or websites for movie apps for your TV. Just check trending applinked stores. You will find hundreds of movies and TV shows apps for your TV.

Easily restore your TV

Restoring or setting a new TV with apps and games you love will be headache. Because most of the apps you love are not from play store or Amazon app store. Those are downloaded from internet or sideloaded apps. Create your store with applinked and add all those apps to it. Easily restore your TV with Applinked.

Share files TV

If you want to share list of photos and videos with family that is easily accessible, use this app. Create your store and add photos and videos you want. Then just send Applinked code to share. No need to share links or follow any hard procedures to send those photos and videos to TV.


Google play store for Android TV and Amazon App store for Fire TV devices does not have enough apps and games. Especially free movie apps you all are looking for. Using third-party TV app stores like this ensure you will get working and trending apps for your TV.


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