Lunar Client Free Open Source Tool For Minecraft Game

Lunar Client Free Open Source Tool For Minecraft Game

Lunar Client the free Minecraft Client is a free, open-source client for Minecraft.

The software is free and currently available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

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Lunar Client can be used in order to play multiplayer games, create worlds or share them with friends.

Key Features of Lunar Client 

The client is developed by Minecraft developer company Mojang AB and is available free of charge.

The client has been praised for its simplicity, stability and compatibility with other versions of the game.

Lunar Client, the free Minecraft client for Android and iOS is a free Minecraft app for your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Get the latest official release of Minecraft on your device with this easy to use tool.

Mobile optimized: control Minecraft and chat with friends on a smartphone or tablet- Play on your smartphone, tablet, or in the cloud!

Includes features like: multiplayer support with player names, single player survival mode, resource packs.

Lunar Client is a free Minecraft client that allows players to play and create their own worlds in Minecraft.

The features of  this tool are simple and intuitive.

You can search for the specific world you want to play, select your server region, or join an existing world.

Users can run Minecraft on their own computer and create worlds, or they can use a server.

On the server, users play as though they are physically on the world with other players.

Lunar Client is distributed through a central server which manages all of the worlds.

The version of Minecraft running in this app is 1.11, but it will be updated when more versions are released by Mojang.

Lunar is a free, yet powerful and feature-packed Minecraft client that can be used for personal use or for business purposes.

It includes a map viewer, crafting station, inventory, chat room, settings and settings manager.



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