Cameringo Lite

Cameringo Lite

Communication is one industry that had grown leaps and bounds from its inception to date. So is the photographic industry. And the best has happened. The two most used devices in these two industries the Camera and the Smartphone have been combined. A camera by way of an App can be installed in a smartphone. A smartphone which has become an integral part of people’s daily lives and a camera been in it has made photography within easy reach. With this development it seems the world has gone crazy. Look everywhere and one will not miss seeing those Camera Apps been clicked. Cameringo Lite. Filter’s camera App will drive all of the photo clickers even crazier with its incredible super friendly features.

Features of Cameringo Lite

Cameringo Lite

Planet – Planets from ancient times to the current times intrigue so many. To oblige all the planet lovers the App offers many quality filters to bring more attraction to them. Also, an exclusive mode named “Little Planet” is offered.

Lomography- With the Lomo tech make the images at the edges slightly distorted. The centre of the images will look sharp. This contrast will create uniqueness.

Hipster Filters– Will enable happiness to be shed to images. Viewing these will make the viewers happy to see such pleasant images.

Videos – Fast and Slow motion recording along with pausing and resume modes gives all the freedom to capture clips professionally. With real time the video will capture the live action at its original pace. Very handy to be applied for recording sports events and similar ones.

GIF – With the GIF recorder bring in the animations of choice to the image. Bring in all that fun with funny animations with the GIF filters.

Fisheye – Through the fisheye lens in the App, capture any image to display its tiniest details of the capture on image.  Ideal to capture beautiful landscapes, buildings and any other with the fisheye wide lens tech.

HDR Tech – Make all the images clarity at it’s best. With the HDR filters make them crystal clear.

Contrast – Will ensure the natural contrast colours from the lightest to the brightest in the image captured will be reflected. An image of a rose garden will look breathtakingly beautiful with all its colour.

Tone – Adjust the images to bring in additional brightness or to reduce the brightness. Make the image to look good with the optimum tone view.

With all of the unique features offered by the unique Cameringo Lite no worries the images and the video clips will come out exactly the way you want. Now share them with friends and family. Post them on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and flaunt! Get going with Cameringo Lite in your smartphone and get the best satisfaction you could derive from photography.

Install Cameringo Lite on your Android TV

Cameringo Lite does not available on Android TV or Fire TV devices. However, you can install Cameringo Lite on any Android TV or Fire TV device using third-party options. It is because most Android TV and Fire TV are used for streaming, not for capturing photos. If you really want to play with external camera devices connected with the TV Box use AppLinked or FileSynced.

AppLinked and FileSynced allow you to install any Android app you want on Android TV Box or TV Sticks. You can install popular Android Camera apps like B612, YouCam Perfect, HD Camera, etc. Install AppLinked apk on your TV Box and create a free account. Download and upload Android apk files that you wish to install on your TV.


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