Lock Apps & Hide Photos

Lock Apps & Hide Photos

Need not explain in detail the popularity of a smartphone. If anyone wishes to make a special observation on this take a look no sooner you step out of your home, one will be unable to keep track of the numerous instances and places where people were seen using their smartphones. Males, females, kids and grownups, rich and non-rich, developed and developing countries in all of these the smartphone usage is common. This device gives one a service of convenience unparalleled to any other. With new features been added regularly to give more and more satisfaction to the users it is simply indispensable. With this in mind an app with a whole lot of super convenient features that would further enhance the value of a smartphone making its usage super easy is here. It is the iAppLock Apk.

What are the Lock Apps & Hide Photos app?

Its exciting features will bound to capture the imagination of one and all. A smartphone could be compared to a vault in a bank. Storing all of one’s information and such likes which is of great importance that need max protection and exclusive access by the user only. The main feature of the Lock Apps is to provide with this assurance. With a unique password, pattern, or fingerprint one could easily do this. Let’s look in detail to realize the value and importance of the items stored in a smartphone.

Features of the Lock Apps & Hide Photos app

Lock Apps & Hide Photos

WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, e-mail etc, these apps in usage carry very personal details that the user will want only predetermined people to view or receive. This needs exclusive high protection. Those very special and personal photos and videos will be in the gallery not meant for public viewing. With only a tap these could be protected allowing exclusivity in viewing only to the user.

Changes, alterations and deleting is possible with sharing of the items in the gallery. Browsing is made to be safe by the Locks App. It can run through limitless amounts of contents and if detect any unsafe sites warn the user.

All common viruses and malware by the protection Lock App offers will be kept well away. Protection by cleaning junk files and messages will make sure to give much looked for increasing in memory capacity. With the CPU Cooler the smartphone will be working at the most optimum temperature keeping away dangerous overheating.

With the fingerprint locking possibility on any of the apps it is so convenient and easy as one need not remember or type a password with any alphabetic or numeric. Isn’t this app amazing and mandatory for all the smartphones for all the greatness it offers? Of course, no doubt the response will be a huge – YES!

Lock Apps & Hide Photos app through AC Market

You can download Lock Apps & Hide Photos app for your Android via AC Market Apk for your Android and via AC Market PC, AC Market Windows for your PC. This process is very simple and also quick.

Downloading an cleaning and optimizing app like Clean Master App, Phone Master with these kinds of apps will surely help you to have a much more better performance experience of your Android.


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