Pixellab APK Download | Text on pictures of android and iOS

Pixellab APK Download | Text on pictures of android and iOS

Every modern smartphone makes it very easy to take all the pictures you want and even format them well in order to load to a variety of social media sites. However, when it comes to customizing those photos by adding text elements, most users need to send their photos through another program. PixelLab is an app that allows users to save a lot of time and space by adding text directly to their photos.


This app was developed and released by Imagin Studio. This particular app is specifically for Android and will not work with any other platform, but you can find versions of PixelLab that will work for iOS and even for Mac and PC desktops, as image editors. The Android app is currently on its first version and comes in at 11mb, so it’s fairly small and light for what it does.

Pixellab APP features

  • You can add simple and 3D text to any image that you want to add.
  • Change the text color, effects, size, fonts while adding it to the main images.
  • Even you can add your favorite sticker to the images with the PixelLab app.
  • Draw the images or write text and customize it according to your preferences and need.
  • All the features are available if you use the pixellab app on your mac or windows pc.
  • You can import your images and then add them to the main images as a new layer.
  • Cut a particular part and change the background of the images with only a few clicks.


PixelLab – Text on pictures allows you to change the background as you like. The background image can be one color, multiple colors, or an image that you love and find suitable for your post. You can delete inappropriate wallpapers and replace them with a more suitable wallpaper, and PixelLab will help you make it clearer. Your information will be more prominent and eye-catching when using a reasonable background image.


The application provides users with extremely convenient image editing effects. The perspective of the photo is also customized by you to best suit the text. You can change the text content or add logos to the boxes. Your pictures will become more beautiful thanks to the available effects. You have the right to change the textures, colors, warmth, brightness, and saturation of those images to improve their image quality.


In addition to the main features supporting text insertion or image editing, additional features are also added to turn PixelLab into the most professional editor. One of them is organizing the photos you put in neatly and saving them in different project categories. They will help a lot to find and continue your work the next time you log in. Moreover, your photos will be edited for different purposes and will all be guided by different operations. You can even create your own fun and funny memes in the app. And finally, after completing the steps, the application will also allow you to export images to different locations depending on your choice. Finding yourself a photo editor will not be too difficult, but finding the perfect photo editor will be a big challenge. Once you’ve found PixelLab, welcome to a great editing app. Many interesting features such as inserting the messages you want to convey through text, manual editing, photo details, and many more are waiting for you right inside the application. Quickly download and experience an excellent image editing application!


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