ShareMe APK Download | Free file transferring app for all Android versions

ShareMe APK Download | Free file transferring app for all Android versions

It is an application designed primarily for sharing any file from Xiaomi devices to a computer. The recent versions of it allow the exchange of digital files of different magnitude, without presenting major challenges with the different existing devices.

shareme download

ShareMe not only allows you to move multimedia content to a single operating system group, you can also transfer files to iOS and, if that’s not enough, to the PC. Being this technological adaptation one of its most recent benefits.

It comes by default on all Xiaomi devices, however, it can be installed on any Android phones as well. As long as it is version 4.4 or higher, simply access the virtual store and download.

The same procedure is performed on iOS mobiles; the operation of the App does not vary according to the device. It is of immediate connectivity and exemplary transfer, as an alternative to the well-known Bluetooth and Wifi-Direct function.

ShareMe APP Features

  • Easy file sharing
  • Can send a large number of photos & videos
  • Fast transferring speed
  • No need for a data cable
  • Share files between to computer or laptop

ShareMe’s Smart Transfer Tools

When you buy or shift a new phone, you don’t have to worry about losing important data. With this app, Share Me, you can send and receive files on devices very easily and quickly. You can transfer any type of files such as photos, text messages, contacts, videos, songs, apps, documents, and many more using this popular transfer application ShareMe. With this app, you can restore a full backup of your important data to your new phone or device, share me. ShareMe’s Smart Transfer Tools.

How to Use ShareMe APK

First of all, you should have to install ShareMe Apk for your device. Then launch the app. By that, you could edit your device nickname. By using an identification name, the other person would be able to discover your device easily for sharing. Then you should have to select whether you are going to receive files or send files. First, we move to the file sending options. Select the send option. Then all contents of your device will appear. By that, you have chosen the items you are going to share. Select the photos, videos, or device files. Altogether the user is able to send the apps too. Make sure the other device is also ready to receive them.

Then the connecting of two devices has to be done. There are three options for the connection of two devices. You could connect the devices by Bluetooth, by WiFi, or by scanning the QR code too. Select an easy method for that. In order to receive some files from a nearby device, you have to be ready after turning on WiFi or Bluetooth. In this way, you could use ShareMe Apk successfully.


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