Parallel space MOD android app free download latest version 2020

Parallel space MOD android app free download latest version 2020

The parallel Space app authorizes the users to carry on their work by diverse accounts at the same time out of the. Plus creating a distinctive area by utilizing any theme. The users could be cloned and perform the tasks by multiple apps at the same time. Currently this is a top-rated application for android users.

Parallel Space Apk

 This android app is allowing over 90 million users at once to log into multiple accounts and continue along with their work. But most of the people are afraid to utilize this app, because of their privacy. This is a high privacy-protective app. And the app offers to make the applications invisible by the installation by the incognito method. Currently the Parallel Space application assists over 24 languages. 

Along with the latest version of parallel Space, now it is compatible with the Android 10 version. That’s the latest version is 4.0.8970. And this is about 9.34 MB size. 

Download link to the Parallel  Space android apk


Features of the Parallel Space for Android

into multiple accounts at the same time 

   This feature is applicable to any exceptional app. That doesn’t matter if it is a social network app or gaming app. The application can be balanced between the life of the user and the work. The online experience makes the game more efficient. All apps are supported for the second account. But the data won’t interfere with each other. 

Parallel Space is privacy protective app

   Users can hide the apps. That means those apps can be kept secretly hiding. By assigning a security lock the apps can be kept privacy-protective. 

Making Customise space by themes 

  There are wide collections of the themes in the theme store. Use any theme for your own space. The user is able to change the themes quickly just by a single tap. 

Switching across different themes quickly 

   The users can switch across the different two accounts quickly. By that the user is able to perform quick management between two of them. 

Powerful and easy to use 

  The parallel Space is a quick and privacy-protective app. By using this app the different accounts can be run at the same time. So it is a very powerful app. And it is a user -friendly app. Everyone can understand the procedure of the app correctly and quickly. And the simple behavior helps to access the account quickly. 

Multi droid 

  The parallel Space is an app that is based on the multi droid. It is the initial application for the virtualization of the engine.

Permissions for Parallel Space

   There are more permissions to be allowed in order to use this app effectively. If you want to work with the app successfully, definitely you have to allow for that permission. 

Same mobile number 

 You can’t make two accounts using the same mobile number. Therefore you have to use two different numbers to make diverse accounts. Those numbers will be verified during the first activation. 

In-app purchases or for free 

  The users can experience the app log or free totally. But there are some features that you have to pay for. Approximately you have to pay about 1$- 7$ per activation. 

Safe app 

  This is a privacy-protective app and there is no harmful content here. The users don’t want to be curious about the harmful malware. This is free from all these. Parallel Space is rated for 3+.

Contain ads 

   There are some ads in the app. But specifically in the paid version you don’t want to work with the ads. Those advertisements are placed by the app developer. 

Popularity of Parallel Space

 Due to the all specific features, more than 1 million users have joined with the application currently. 

Legal permission

   The application is allowed to be used legally. So there is no obstacle against the app.

What’s new with the latest version

  • The application is compatible with the android version 10
  • The performance of the app has been optimized 
  • The known issues have fixed 

   The parallel Space for Android is a special app to make two accounts or multiple accounts run on the same app at once parallel. Therefore that is a privacy-protective and safe, easy app to perform all tasks by the users. Definitely if you have worked with this app once, you will use it forever. 


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