Viva video MOD android app free download latest version 2021

Viva video MOD android app free download latest version 2021

VivaVideo is an advanced maker of video and a video editions application with images and texts. The editing process is for free by this viva video app. So the Viva video application is known to be an excellent pro video maker as well as an advanced free maker of the video. The VivaVideo is along with much more identical facts. Some of re features are like trimming, cropping and the cutting of the video.


As well as the editing process can be performed for the videos for YouTube too. Addition background music and the text to the videos that you want. The trimming feature of the VivaVideo has optimised with the latest version. The latest version of it is 8.2.5. The size of the latest version is about 61.55 MB in size. 

Download link to the Viva Video android app


Features of the VivaVideo Android app

Pro video editor 

  This is an advanced editor for videos. There are a lot of functions here in the editor application. Also, the Viva video can be known as a maker of fun video too. The users can do professional editing for the video with the presence of features in it. 

Video making with songs 

  There are pictures, songs and music present in the app that can be used for editing purposes. Plus along with texts. Like the videos in Tiktok, one can make the videos by Inserting music. The Viva video can be considered as a professional maker of the music video. 

Video editor 

   Like mentioned in the stated details there is a category of editing features present here. Use transitions with the music of the video. Plus the creator is able to combine more videos to only one clip. Plus the texts and photos can be used with the editor. 

Cutter for video and editor 

   Cut, split and trim the video with just one tap. Make changes along with the transitions of the video. By the cropping of videos, the quality of the videos won’t change. And the YouTube videos can be edited along with the editing app. 

Video creator app 

  Not only the editing of the application, by using the app anyone could create the videos too. Also, join multiple video clips to create a single one. To create the video Instagram size the creators are able to crop it. 

Blur video editor 

  Use backgrounds for the photos by blurring and use it for the videos. Use such blur backgrounds to YouTube and Instagram and in any other social media. 

Addition of music to the video 

  Use background music to create a more amusing video. Also, any music item or a song. 

Add text to the videos using viva video 

  You can make a memorable moment to the video by the text. If it is a wish you can add it by the text too. Change the font style and the size of the fonts. 

Saving and sharing 

  Just making the video can be shared as well as save the video instantly. Even after saving it, you can just share it on any other media. 

Requirement and main facts about the Viva Video app

In-app purchase 

  Here you can use more features by paying. Also, You can remove the ads too. For that, you have to pay about 15$. 

Viva video free app 

   Anyone can use this for free.  Apart from the exclusive features, you can experience more other features. 

Contain ads 

   There are so many ads contained in the free version. But those are placed by the app developer. Also, app developers are placing the ads in all the apps. Viva video is one of them. 

Safety of the Viva video app 

  The app is safe. There is no harmful content. and anyone who old more than 12 years can use the app. Parental guidance is required when the use this app. 

Legal confirmation 

  The app is legally permitted. So there is no restriction against the app. 

What’s new with the Viva video latest version 

  • The optimisation of the trimming experience 
  • support for the screen slides

Basically, Viva Video is a free video editor for everyone. Beginner or Professional Video editor can use the app when you have a hurry. Also, the app is free and the viva video app can trim, cut, edit your videos from your smartphone and it can export them very fast.


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