Shareit android app free download latest version 2021

Shareit android app free download latest version 2021

Transfer your files with the help of the Shareit. Video, audio, or text whatever files you can be shared with nearby devices. The shareit along with the pass cross-platform. Therefore it is known as a fast cross-platform app. All things that you want to transfer can be transferred with a quick method. And by here you are able to transfer the word paper and send a gif. Currently, a powerful media player has been added to the shareit app. By using such a music player you can experience the audio files. By using the shareit you can manage it as well as with many other creations. This is a great app because you can share files with Apple iPhone from the Android device.


The experience of the playback has been optimized with the latest fashion. The latest version is 5.5.8_ww. That is only 35 MB in size. As a  result of the unique features of the shareit over 1,000,000,000 individuals have joined the app. 

Features of the shareit

The fastest app in the world 

    This is the quickest that has been discovered so far in the world. It has 200 times the speed of Bluetooth. Although it performs the transfer in process with the high speed and along with not reducing the quality of transferring files. 

Supported for the transfer in of any file type

   The audio, video, photos, and apps can be transferred to the other device with the shareit app. Also, the transferring speed is very good.

Library of online videos

  So you could find here more types of videos and you are allowed to watch them in offline mode. You can select the quality of the video that you want. All contents are updating continuously. 

Advanced video player

   share it also supports the multiple formats of the video. Also, You will receive a very smooth watch inexperienced with the shareit app. 

Find trending music 

   you could explore your favorite music and song items by the shareit app. All of them are of the best quality. Serious the songs in the online mode or offline mode. And the Equaliser presence in the app is very powerful. The Equaliser offered an awesome experience. 

Wallpapers, Movies, TV series and stickers

  You can download and share the stickers and the wallpapers. Also, You can share music, movies, Tv series, Document, and any kind of file, without the internet.  


   In order to work with that, you have to be allowed for several permissions. Also, You have to allow it to access the location permission and Bluetooth and connectivity permissions. 


   The best thing is you don’t want to pay the app for usage. That means it is totally free. Also, every feature is totally free.

Small ads have in the app 

  This is a free app to use, therefore some ads are contained in the app but these ads are the developer. I am sure that you don’t want to bother about the ads and continue your work free.


 The app is safe to use. Your privacy is protected while the usage of the app. No third party action is here. Also, there is no harmful software like viruses and other agents. Share is rated as 3 + so parental guidance is not required for the usage of the app. Even there is no helpful content for the kids. 

Legal confirmation

   This is a permitted app to use worldwide. So there is no restriction against the shareit. There cannot be any other obstacle in order to use the share.

  Describe details of the existing features of the shareit. 

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What’s new with the latest version 

  • The app has been redesigned. The sender and receiver stages with a new design. 
  • Optimization of the playback experience

  The all specular features have been mentioned in the description. A user of the shareit is already known by the above details. Therefore the above may be important for a new user. If you are satisfied with it then you have to start working with it. It is a really useful app you share this app with others. Also, If you are an android app fan, You can read and download many apps and all these are modified for you. mod android apps are always free for you.


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